What You Learned In School

You learned to love everything about your enemies and hate everything about yourself.

You learned that everything savages did was benevolent, and every person who defended your humanity was a threat (thank you, Pac; thank you, Panthers; thank you, Malcolm; thank you, Haiti!)

You learned that Greeks were the foundation of society (you even go pledge “Greek” in college) but not that those Greeks worshipped Black gods and learned what they knew from Black Africans.

You learned that Africa was starving and poor, but you were not given the common sense to know that you cannot rob from those who have nothing.

You learned that Columbus discovered America, but they forgot to christen him with his proper title of, “The Father of Western Savagery and Slavery."

You learned that 10% is a majority and that 90% of all humans are minorities.

You learned that you were a slave, a Nigger, a Colored, a Negro, an African-American or a Black…anything but a human. No one ever told you that if you condensed Black History into a 300-page book, the time since Arab and European enslavement of Africans would represent less than TWO PAGES (time to read the other 298 pages)!

You learned that everything good that ever happened to you and your ancestors was enabled by one of the billions of Great White Heroes, but someone neglected to mention that your ancestors invented all of society’s building blocks. Math, writing, architecture, astronomy, agriculture…and all things not mentioned.

You learned to seek equality with inhumane, barbaric savages, but the vision of autonomy has remained a mystery.

Real racism is a never-ending conspiracy and is perpetuated by people we never see and that we don't know.

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