Documents & Articles

Letter From Malcolm X to Elijah Muhammad

Reflections on the Lip-Plates of Mursi Women 

- Shauna LaTosky

The Afro-American Aug 25, 1917

The Afro-American

Aug 25, 1917 

Complex Iron Smelting in

Prehistoric Tanzania

Manuel Raimundo Querino:

The Conscience of Brazil

- vincent Powell-Reid

From Bondge to Freedom:

The Jamaican Maroons


Ancient Kemetic Medical Text

Ancient Kemetic Medical


Benjamin Banneker Letter to Thomas Jefferson 

Philip Downing Application for Letter-Box Patent

Thomas Jefferson Letter to Benjamin Banneker

Garrett Morgan Application for Breathing Device Patent

Kahun Medical Papyrus - UC 32057 page 1-2

Garrett Morgan Application for Traffic Signal Patent

1801 Haitian Constitution

Kahun Medical Papyrus - UC 32057 page 3

New York Public Library Digital Collections 

Rare Book Division-Shelf locator: *KF 1836 (Authentic narrative of the Seminole war. New York)

Date Issued: 1836

Place Term: New York

Publisher: D.F. Blanchard and others, publishers

Scientists Reveal the First European Faces Were Not ‘White’

-Shante Wooten

White Skin Developed in Europe Only As Recently as 8,000 Years Ago

-Liz Leafloor

Interview with Dr. Boyce E. Graves (The Man Who Solved AIDS)

AIDS is Man-Made

-Interview with Dr. Boyd E. Graves

Cure for AIDS - U.S. Patent 5676977
Dogon Creation Story

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