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Adisa: The Little Professor 

Hi. my name is Adisa! I'm in Mrs. Oliver’s 5th grade class at Vino Elementary. To help us with our school work, my friends and I go visit the virtual museum built by my ancestors. It is hidden in a pyramid that is inside of a secret cave. We have so many fun adventures in the virtual museum! Sometimes we even get visits from important historic figures. The schoolyard bully, Alex, and his gang, the Roughhouse Raiders, don’t like that we get good grades so they always try to steal our data. I’d hate to see what would happen if they ever found our virtual museum, but for now our little secret is safe.

Alpha: The real history of Black people

Alpha: The Real History of Black People will be a video representation of the Black History 365 memes. From the

initiators of civilization in the Nile Valley to the freedom crusaders in the Quilombos of Brazil, we will explore the

glorious history of African people. If we want Black history that is unapologetically Black, then we have to produce our own media with our own money. By us funding our own history web series those who work on the production can be fairly compensated AND any and everyone who needs to see it will have full access free of charge.


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