General History of Africa Vol. 1
The Instruction of Ptah Hotep
The Aegyptiaca of Manetho- Manetho's History of Egypt
Sanchoniatho's Phoenican History
Sanchoniatho's Phoenican History
African Origins of Civil_Diop Cover
The Peopling of Ancient Egypt
General History of Africa Vol. 2
The Rosetta Stone
Egyptian Grammar- Being an Introduction to the Study of Hieroglyphs
Chronicle of the Queens of Egypt- Joyce Tyldesley
Chronicle of the Pharaohs
Conservation of the wall paintings in th
UNESCO Digital Library
Wretched Kush - Stuart Tyson Smith
Middle Egyptian - J.P. Allen
Middle Egyptian Kingdom 3rd Edition
The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Text - James P. Allen, Peter Der Manuelian
Catalog of Egyptian Scarabs in the British Museum
The Literature of Ancient Egypt - Simpson
Ancient Egyptian Literature- Volume II - Miriam LICHTHEIM
Ancient Egyptian Literature - John L Foster
Egyptian Tales
Historical Dictionary of the Berbers
The Illiads and the Odysses of homer
Histories Herodotus
The Historical Library of Diodorus
The History and Description of Africa - Leo Africanus
Travels in Upper and Lower Egypt v.1
A History of China - Wolfram Eberhard
Visible Language - Christopher Woods
Signs and Symbols 2
Introduction to Maya Hieroglyphs - 2008
Hebrew is Greek - Joseph Yahuda
Linguistics Student's Handbook - Laurie Bauer
Language Universals and Linguistic Typology- Syntax and Morphology 2nd Edition
Stolen Legacy
Black Athena - Martin Bernal
The Destruction of Black Civilization
Egypt Revisted
African Presence in Early Asia
Revolt of the Zanj
General History of Africa Vol. 3
Anacalypsis - Godfrey Higgins
History of the Moorish Empire in Europe
Golden Age of the Moor
Empires of Medieval West Africa- David Conrad
General History of Africa Vol. 4
They Came Before Columbus
Unexpected Faces in Ancient America - Alexander Von Wuthenau
America Being the Latest Description
Christopher Columbus and the African Holocaust
Virginia General Historie
Calendar of State Papers
General History of Africa Vol. 5
General History of Africa Vol. 6
General History of Africa Vol. 7
The Battle of Adwa- Reflections on Ethiopia's Historic Victory Against European Colonialism- Paulos
Armies of the Adowa Campaign 1896- The Italian Disaster in Ethiopia - Sean McLachlan
General History of Africa Vol. 8
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